On February 23, 2020, the children will sing, read, and participate in the mass.

Religious Education classes at OLV are Sundays from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.  At dismissal time, there are many cars in the parking lot.  This has become dangerous for the children.  For safety reasons, we will dismiss children from the rectory (the house where we have class).  Parents please walk to the rectory and pick up your child and then join us for mass.

Several of our children will study to make their First Communion on May 17.  First Communion classes will be in addition to the Sunday religious education classes.  We will hold classes on Mondays from 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm in the rectory.  Children must attend all classes.  There will be 8 classes.  If a child misses one class, they will make it up on Sunday after Church.  If two or more classes are missed, the child will wait until next year for First Holy Communion.  The class schedule is:

March 16, March 23, March 30;  April 13, April 20, April 27;  May 4, May 11.

Parents with questions about the schedule should email Linda Walker at  Or you may speak with her after Mass.

We are blessed to have your children here!  They bring joy to our parish.  Thank you.